Whether you run an e-shop, send out a newsletter, wish to install a record-saving CCTV system or you just employ staff, you do act as a data processor. The legal regulation of course applies to public entities - authorities and state-funded institutions as well.

Personal data protection has come to the forefront with the adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and has ever since remained an important field that shall not be underestimated. Are you setting up a new e-shop? Are you running a business and not being sure that the matter of personal data protection is well settled? Did you receive a claim of a data subject regarding your processing of personal data? We will prepare a secure solution suitable for your business so you can fully focus on its development.

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  • Comprehensive advantageous packages for e-shops and companies - everything you need to comply with GDPR,
  • personal data protection audit and adjustment recommendations,
  • consultancy for local administrative bodies, authorities and state-funded institutions,
  • drafting of legal opinions and statements,
  • support and preparation of documents in the exercise of the data subject's rights.