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The remuneration for our legal services is determined in accordance with Act on Legal Profession and Regulation on Lawyer’s Tarif, and is based upon mutual agreement with the client and dependent on complexity and nature of each individual case. It could be in the form of:

contractual remuneration, the amount of which is determined by the contract between attorney and client and is usually set out by hourly rate or single sum (in less difficult or repetitive cases – e.g. drawing up purchase contract, foundation ofa company, etc.); it is also possible to agree on lump sum within this kind of remuneration, when in case of longer-term cooperation the client pays regularly (usually monthly) agreed sum, which contains agreed number of hours of legal services in advantageous tarif

non contractual remuneration, the amount of which is determined by relevant law – Decree of Mistry of Justice No.: 177/1996 Coll., on remuneration of attorneys and reimbursement of costs during provision of legal services (Lawyer’s Tarif), as amended

To ensure maximum certainty and bipartite confidence the relations with the clients are always built upon written agreement with exact list of client´s rights and our office´s duties and liability. The client is always informed about anticipated extent of legal services and about overall costs of final settlement of the case. There is a detailed breakdown enclosed in every invoice for legal services specifying all the performed acts to ensure control of justness and extent of the invoiced sum.

When agreeing on the amount of remuneration we always emphasize that the remuneration for legal services reflects not only time and content demand of the case but also financial possibilities of the clients.