Advokátní kancelář Růzha

Law office of JUDr. Jan Růzha focuses on a long term basis on pharmaceutical and medicinal law (especially in the area of Clinical Trials) and provides also comprehensive legal counselling for companies and other corporate clients as well as for individuals, state and government agents.

To ensure truly comprehensive solution of client’s requisition we examine not only juristic aspects of each case, but also other important aspects thereof (such as marketing aspect, commercial and tax aspect, protection of good will, human relations, etc.).

On condition that it is feasible and advisable we always propose to our clients several alternatives of prospective procedure and together we choose ideal solution in terms of the rate between expected costs and assumed benefit of the client as well as in terms of the relationship of the client with concerned parties.

Our Law office’s principal target is effective enforcement of client’s rights and helping clients with realization of their business plans and other activities under minimal risks by providing them with professional legal services tailored to their particular needs. We always respect the fact, that the commitment of an attorney is provision of effective help with the emphasis on preventing hazardous events and focus on finding the fastest and most effective solution for the client, and not purposeless provision of legal services per se. Our utmost attention is also given to further cultivation and professional development as well as following new trends and procedures in all branches of law in order to provide legal services on the highest level.